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Welcome to your new personal trainer. I'm a professional pool player for more than 30 years. I meticulously teemed up with TesCreations and created this one of a kind Bulliard training app. It is fully packed with knowledge and experience you'll gonna need to become a better player. I am sure you are going to enjoy it as much as i did creating it.

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Sandor Tot Pool Academy

About Me






I won many more Tournaments. Check the results link below for complete list.

  • NAME: Sandor
  • NICKNAME: Bambino
  • DATE OF BIRTH: 16.02.1972
  • PLACE OF BIRTH: Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
  • HEIGHT: 179cm
  • WEIGHT: 90kg
  • BEST RUN: 14/1: 276 balls
  • BEST RUN: 8 ball -- 11 racks
  • BEST RUN: 9 ball – 13 racks
  • BEST RUN: 10 ball – 8 racks
  • FAVOURITE POOL PLAYER: Francisco Bustamante
  • FAVOURITE GAME: 10 ball
  • CUE: Mezz
  • BREAK CUE: Kai Mezz
  • FAVOURITE POOL TABLE: Dynamic Pool Table III

Billiard Pro features


Here you got your complete overview where you stand as a player. You see where your strenghts & weaknesses are on 1 screen. Therefore you'll know exactly on what you need to work on.


In this section you will spend most of your time. With lessons and drills section you'll learn all skills. It's up to you now. Do you got what it needs to be a champion?
Practice makes perfect.


Here you can add your upcoming scheduled Tournaments. You can watch your past ones for statistics as well. Meaning which place you've achieved and why you lost your match. That data you'll have to put manually in Billiard pro trainer after your played tournament.


Playing the "ghost" is a great way to keep solo practice interesting, competitive and most importantly your concentration at the same level as you need on tournaments.
Repetition equals automation!
You can use it for 8-ball, 9-ball or 10-ball. With our one & only ghost simulator on the planet you'll be able to track every single detail from every game and set you played.
Only when you know your weaknesses you can get rid of 'em.

Ipad Pro 12.9 inch

Best learning expirience on tablets.
IOS & Android are supported.

Portrait or even lanscape mode. Whatever suits you better.

On a gorgeous 12,9 inch super retina display you can easily see every detail of the shot. Practice makes perfect.

Practice and learn the shots, every learned shot will appear in your repertoire on dashboard.

We got 2 main sections for learning, lessons, & drills tab are going to be your best companions for a long time to come. Because we will add new shots and drills through coming updates. We are always happy to get feedback from you. Please drop us a line below. Happy practice.

It always comes down to how to master the cue ball

Learn shot by shot and put them into your repertoire bag. Grow as a player and place the cue ball always perfect. When you'll have only easy shots then you really got it down.

The only ghostsimulator in the entire cosmos. Play your favorite discipline and track every single aspect of your game. After finishing every race you will be presented with a detailed summary how you did. The best part is that all is memorized in statistics. Evaluate your strenghts and get rid of your weaknesses. Play the ghost like never before!

From the player to the players. I hope you're gonna like it. We would really appreciate your feedback. Maybe you would like more functionalities or we could make something even better. Let us know down below in the contact us section. Thank you for your time.

Statistics overview

Your entire progress in one place.

When you click on particular topic you'll be presented with even more detailed informations.
The secret of success is knowing where you need to get better!
With this app i'll teach you how for sure.

    - Win => Break & runout without placing cue ball.
    - BallHW => Break & runout with placing cue ball.
    - Safe
    - Resafe
    - MissB => Any miss except hanger.
    - MissH => Missed hanger (not allowed to miss. ;-)
    - LostP => Lost position.
    - BreakF => Breakfoul (scratch or got kicked in by another ball.)
    - IllB => Illegal break (kitchen rule.)
    - Scrtch => Scratch during game.
    - MissJ => Missed Jump.

Tournaments overview

All your tournaments whether past or upcoming ones.

In Local & International tabs you're just one click away from that website you'll need for that particular country.

My Tournaments tab is meant for your upcoming or past tournaments. It's handy to have a reminder when your next Tournament(s) will be and on the other hand to be able to see why and how you did on your past ones.
Knowledge is power!

Ghost Simulator

The only one in the entire cosmos. ;-)
Come on baby...

It's pretty self explainatory. Just hit the info button and every button is explained.

Playing the "ghost" is a great way to keep solo practice interesting and competitive, and you can use it for 8-ball, 9-ball or 10-ball - and even the game of rotation, where you have a full rack and try to sink the balls in numerical order.
Here are the basic rules. You break the rack and then get "ball in hand" for your first shot, meaning that you can place the cue ball anywhere on the table. From there, your goal is to run the whole rack (or, as in 8-ball, the solids or stripes, plus the 8).
You must win the game during this turn at the pool table. If you miss or scratch, it's considered a win for the "ghost," your imaginary opponent who automatically runs the table whenever he gets the chance.
As far as the endpoint, you can play to a certain number of games (say, 10, for example, so the final score might be 8-2 or 6-4, etc.), or you can play until you or the ghost reaches a certain number of games (called a "race," as in "race to 7").
Professional players win games against the ghost in excess of 80 percent of the time, and a beginner will struggle to win 10 percent.
If you are a beginner, your immediate goal with ball in hand should be to sink three balls every opportunity. You'll quickly get a feel for planning your cue ball position for the next shot. Those are the basics, but you can add any number of wrinkles to the rules and scoring. For example, the basic rules do not take into consideration safety play, where you end up with a difficult or impossible shot on your next ball and you instead decide to execute a defensive shot. That's when you contact a legal object ball, and the cue ball rolls to a position where your opponent has no clear shot for his next turn. If you want to include safety play, there are several options.
If your safety is successful, and the ghost has no clear shot for his turn, you can call it a draw and move onto the next game, or you can give yourself ball in hand again and continue your runout. (Typically, though, you would limit yourself to one safety per rack.) Or you could execute your safety, and then actually take the next shot for the ghost (and taking an honest whack at it). If you, as the ghost, sink the shot, you've lost the rack; if you make contact with the object ball but miss the shot, you change back to your original self and keep going, etc.
It's also up to you what to do if you scratch on the break shot. You can consider that a game loss, or you can spot the balls that went down on the break (i.e., put them on the marked spot where you usually place the 1 ball for a new rack) and start as you normally would with ball in hand. Some players use a variation of playing the ghost in which they count the number of balls they sink in each inning, and then divide that total by the number of games played.
So, if you're playing 10 games of 9-ball, and you sink balls 1 through 5 in every rack, you'll have sunk 50 balls total, for an average of 5.0 balls. You can use that number as a rating to keep track of your progress. You can use the same concept in 8-ball, where you'll be shooting for eight total balls (the solids or stripes, plus the 8), except you're not sinking the balls in numerical order.
(Thanks to BD columnist Mark Wilson, and the posters on the "Billiards Digest Cue Chalk Board" Forum.)

You want to master the art of billiard?

It is truly a science of it's own. With system progress gains speed! With this app you'll learn it for sure!
Easy with joy.
Is there any better way of learning?

Millions of satified players around the globe

Albert Einstein

Billiards is the well-developed Art of thinking ahead. It is not only a game, but first and foremost a demanding Sport, which requires good stamina, the logical thinking of a chess player and the stable hand of a concert pianist.



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